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Become an Ink Engine Partner before launch.

We are looking for 10 engaged individuals to join our Launch Team.  Must be willing to pickup test items from our location in Calgary, and test garments and accessories and provide timely feedback.





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As part of the Launch Team, you will be part of the overall garment selection, receive free samples of garments with your artwork, and provide valuable feedback as we add features to our site.

We ask that each Launch Team Partner provides us with valuable feedback on the washability and longevity of their sample garments through a simple survey. This will ensure that our products are of the highest quality, and something that you can be proud to have your artwork on.

Whenever we look to add more garments or features in the future, the Launch Team will be in the know first! Join at the grassroots level and have a say in the direction and future of the Ink Engine Shops.